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Killing it at Bellator in San Jose

History was made on Saturday, Sept. 19, when Affliction invaded Bellator MMA at the SAP Center. For the first time ever, fights took place side-by-side in both an MMA cage and a Kickboxing ring. This epic night was headlined by a title

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7 Pictures That Prove Cain Velasquez is Terrifying

While sorting through some of our old shots from past UFC fights, we couldn’t help but notice how disturbing most of the pictures are of Cain Velasquez in the ring.  If he’s not covered in blood, then he is delivering

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Affliction Fight Stories: Cain Velasquez – Some People Kind of Freak Out

Cain Velasquez knows first hand that the “constant takedown” strategy in the cage sometimes stinks.

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Affliction Fight Stories – Cain Velasquez – The Start

See how a champion gets started in this episode of Affliction Fight Stories with Cain Velasquez!

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10 Inspirational Images from Affliction

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Training Day with The Champ Cain Velasquez

Morning: The alarm sounds and his mind is already awake and alert; focused on the training to ensue.  He’s not training for a UFC fight, he is just training for the love of the sport.  Being champ isn’t a part

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