Knotfest 2015 and the legendary Taco metal party.

Knotfest 2015 and the legendary Taco metal party.

Last Weekend The Affliction team tore apart Knotfest with our very own Jose Mangin Hosting the event, introducing bands throughout the day and of course throwing the “Jose Mangin’s Taco Metal Party” the official afterparty on Saturday night after the show. The night was full of festivities like Jose’s metal trivia game giving away prizes like a guitar and shotski. People flocked to the party after the festival was over in search of  authentic tacos and Knottiest inspired drinks like Satans Jizz , the bloody dear root, and the  Black magic tooth  (for Dime bag). The Debauchery lasted until just passed 2 am. when Knotfest staff finally said we had to shut it down, all in all it was a pretty epic night heres  some of our photos from the weekend.knotfest1knotfest2knotfest3knotfest4knotfest5knotfest8knotfest9knotfest11X1UpoUwjSEuR7OGb_D3nfjFM0DrK1-rN5BgH7ekqzOc eeXHassjk9LomzzxBTTLvzeIpZCOoUaqElXefHy4l8o xQCWZpZvWTxqC6hyvbymIRv2HiLJelmm2yOurPiwcDc u783-7TbWCTSZdJlfWvN0VafbKJ9HOdYtsh1ly1GT20 ZarC2dP6g6XRckMNaxlWNH1edbLOXN8tpsluFa0wZWE _mMHI_UnfTXwMmQX2oCA0yypRebFtOi7Z7NS49Nhm-g rD3b9T8UwuHOKxr_MsiuhM2DF4si7A24823-JLiZ6zo 3HYUO1i4_W5lmX0FHQiv0fXObzZB5lx4SNHApwIDqaA LyR_C-LckXaWsR14AS5BAeQRouPs0TpEqijlrSjYaWs

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