Welcome New Brand Ambassador – Jose Sanchez

One of our favorite things to do is team up with people who share our passion for life and expression. Thats why we’d like to introduce you to our newest brand ambassador, Jose Sanchez. He’s a USMC Retired Staff Sergeant, Wounded Warrior Certified CrossFit trainer, Father, Husband and all around badass. Not only does he train for a living, he competes in obstacle races such as Spartan Races and runs marathons. We came across Jose on Instagram and immediately knew we needed to have him on our team & representing us to the world. He’s someone who’s gotten knocked down and refuses to yield. The way he lives his life it the epitome of what we stand for. In our first conversation, Jose admitted to us that after his injury, he was struggling to figure out his place in life and find the strength to persevere. He came across our brand and was immediately effected by our look and message. Our brand inspired him to move forward, gain strength and create his identity. This is a man that inspires us daily and lives our passion. We want to share him with the world.

A word from Jose:
I have been scared of the world. Afraid of it and how it would see me and treat me. I have now realized I had been chasing a ghost of my former self ever since my injury to know that person I once was chasing had died on that battlefield. I am the man I am today because of all the pain and suffering I had to endure in my lifetime. I keep My Affliction vary close to me. It has been my Weakness and my Greatest strength!

Please join us in welcoming Jose to the Affliction Ambassador team!

As a reference, here are a few things this badass already has planned for this fall. What’s your excuse?
– August Scuba Diving Trip
– August Spartan Super Race in Asheville, NC
– September Tunnels to Tower run In NYC
– November Battle Frog Veterans Day run in Miami FL

Follow Jose to keep up with him as he continues to inspire everyday:

Instagram:  @jls143_




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