13 Questions with Cain Velasquez Before UFC 188

This week at Affliction we met up with UFC Champ Cain Velasquez at his training camp in San Jose, CA as he prepares for UFC 188.  We talked with Cain about his cheat meals during training, game plan for UFC 188, and his advice for young fighters looking to break into Mixed Martial Arts.

1.  With the long layoff, Do you feel more or less prepared for UFC 188 by comparison to your previous fights?

More prepared because I slowly started training for this fight.

2.  What kind of music are you listening to when you train?

I listen to Corridos Mexican rap.

3.  Favorite cheat meal during training?


4.  Favorite workout/ training exercise?

My favorite workout is lifting.

5.  What is your game plan for this fight?  What have you been focusing on with your coaches?

It’s a surprise, gotta watch and see~

6.  How many hours per day do you train to prepare for a fight like this?

6 hours

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7.  Has you knee and or shoulder bothered you at all in preparation for this fight?


8.  Dana White commented in an article that he blamed your injuries on older training methods used by your camp.  Have you changed up your training methods post surgery, or do you prefer to stick with what you’ve been doing?

Stick with what I have been doing. I have never heard bad comments on my performance in the fight so we must be doing something right.

9.  What advice do you have for any young fighters that have aspirations of fighting in the UFC?

Find a gym and start training!

10.  How long ahead of time will you go to Mexico City to get acclimated to the Altitude?

2 weeks before the fight.

11. Thoughts on UFC Uniform Deal, and this being your last Affliction walkout tee?

I am bummed this will be my last walkout tee with Affliction since they have let me have influence on all my walkout tee’s but I am excited for my lifestyle line with them!

12. Did signing 10k shirts improve your hand eye coordination for this fight?


13. Do you have any superstitious rituals you do before every fight?

Not superstitious, but I like to run sprint before heading to the arena to open up my lungs.


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