Affliction Metal Heads and Their Dogs

One of the best things about coming home from a long trip is getting to see your furry side kick.  If you’re really lucky, you get to take your dog on tour with you- just ask Shannon Gunz!  Here are a few Affliction celebs who spend their off time kickin’ it with their four legged friends~

Shannon Gunz of Sirius XM with her French Bull Dog “Milly”


…and yes, Milly gets to go on tour, back stage and to the after parties.  Talk to this dog if you need some back stage passes~


Milly gets to hang with all the metal heads back stage…..


Tony from Kyng and his dog “Cora”


Ozzy and his dogs “Bella” & “Maggie”



….and his bull dog “Lola”



Danny Worsnop and his Golden Retreiver “Cowboy”


Carla from Butcher Babies and her dog “Elvis”


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