10 Questions with Affliction’s Shonda Mackey

You may have seen our blonde bombshell Shonda recently on our social media.  We sat down with her this week to get the low down on what she has in the works, her favorite Affliction gear to see on guys and more!

1.  Favorite band? Incite
2.  Favorite beer? Bitburger

3.  Favorite liquor? Gran Patron Liquor
4.  Favorite Affliction tee to see on guys?

Erin Chance tee
5.  What do you want for Christmas? A vacation to an island 🙂 or new clothes

6.  Any new/ upcoming projects for modeling in the works?
Got a couple of movie roles in the works as well as this months cover of Arte Tattoo Magazine!

~See more women’s tees~

7.  Favorite UFC fighter? Jon Jones

8.  Last day on earth:  What would you eat for dinner?  Steak and crab legs!
9.  Favorite lingerie? Anything lacey

~Get the shorts~
10.  Hottest car to drive? 1969 Corvette Stingray or GTO convertible

~More hoodies~

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