Training Day with The Champ Cain Velasquez

Training Day with The Champ Cain Velasquez


The alarm sounds and his mind is already awake and alert; focused on the training to ensue.  He’s not training for a UFC fight, he is just training for the love of the sport.  Being champ isn’t a part time job, it’s a life style according to UFC heavy weight champion Cain Velasquez.

When asking him what strike hurt the worst in his entire career, he responded by saying “Nothing hurts until after the fight.”  That answer is certainly believable if you’ve seen any of Cain’s fights.  The heavy weight division is one of UFC’s toughest weight classes, and for one man to dominate it for as long as Cain, certainly speaks to his character.


Velasquez was recently ranked in Sherdog’s Pound-for-Pound Top 10 after the brutal beating he laid on Dos Santos in UFC 166.  When we asked Cain about his training secrets, he smiled and admitted to listening to Mariachi music when training, with the occasional hip-hop playlist.  Could that be the secret to good foot work?

When he’s not training in the gym or in the ring, Cain occupies his time with his Harley Street Glide and badass muscle cars.  Don’t let his hobbies and occupation fool you- Cain is a true family man and spends most of his down time with his wife and daughter.

Cain’s afternoons and evenings are spent in the ring or on the mat perfecting his stand up and ground game as a whole.  While he may get a bit relaxed with training when there is not fight to prepare for, he is still dedicated to perfecting his fighting style regardless of what lies ahead.  In talking submissions with Cain, he divulged that the Kimora, Arm Bar and Rear Naked Choke are his favorite ‘Go-to’ submissions on the mat.  Not a big surprise considering that his core fighting style is American Wrestling.

One thing that sticks out about Cain is his attitude about going into the ring.  We asked Cain what he thought about fighters like Ronda Rousey and her way of getting inside her opponent’s head.  Cain simply said, “When I walk into the cage, I’m not going to tell you what I’m going to do…I’m gonna show you”.  Even the way he says it is enough to send a cold chill down anyone’s back.

Surprisingly, Cain admits to being nervous before his fights despite his 13-1-0 record.  Then again, who wouldn’t be nervous stepping into the Octagon with the best of the best?

Currently, Cain is recovering after shoulder surgery and plans to make it back into the ring in late 2014.  In the mean time, you can keep up with Cain’s progress by Liking his Facebook page and Following him on Twitter.

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