Meet the Affliction Model Contest Winner: Veronica Von Horror

Meet the Affliction Model Contest Winner: Veronica Von Horror

Affliction’s newest model and calendar girl Veronica may look like a bad ass chick that would knock out any guy that hits on her.  With two full sleeve tattoos and the punker leather jacket she rocks, Veronica is an edgy model with a surprisingly sweet, southern personality.

How she came to model for Affliction is an entire story on its own.  In November of 2013 we ran a model search contest via our website and Facebook in search of our 2014 calendar models.  We definitely got what we asked for, receiving pages upon pages of entries from so many beautiful aspiring models.  Narrowing down the entries was a full time job in itself, which our marketing team gladly tackled~  Look at hot girls all day?  Don’t threaten us with a good time~

Get Veronica’s dress from our calendar shoot~

After weeks of entries, one stood out among the rest.  Tattoos, curves and modeling on hot rods- we knew Veronica was the epitome of what Affliction stands for, so we flew her out to Seal Beach, California, got her set up with some new Affliction gear and pulled in the muscle cars for the 2014 Affliction calendar shoot~

In 2011 Veronica was Playboy’s Miss Barmate in their February issue, followed by some modeling for the guitar case company Coffin Case.  So what does she do in her spare time?  When this hard working model & bartender isn’t working, she’s hosting metal shows and fashion show for Adam & Eve.  That’s right guys….metal shows!

Some of Veronica’s all time favorite bands include Dio, Journey, Bon Jovi and a few other hair metal bands that she refers to as her ‘guilty pleasures’.  When asked who her favorite guitar player of all time was, Veronica responded without hesitation “Neil Shawn from Journey!”.  This girl definitely knows her music~

So why model for Affliction?  Veronica loves Affliction dresses and the custom cut tees by designer Jessica Nicole.  Take a look at her Instagram and you’ll see that she’s not lying either~  We were stoked to see so much Affliction on her Facebook and Instagram profiles!

Want your own copy of the 2014 Affliction calendar?  As of now we are just sending it off for printing and hope to have it out by the first week of February.  Most calendars start in January, but we were too hung over from our New Year party so we are releasing ours a month late.  #WeLikeToParty

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