Meet Affliction’s Model Contest Winners

Meet Affliction’s Model Contest Winners

We just wrapped up a three day photo shoot with our model and hot rod contest winners for the 2014 Affliction calendar.  For those of you who may have missed the action, we ran a contest via our Facebook page and website in search of the baddest babes, bikes and hot rods to come to SoCal for a photo shoot, some shopping at the Affliction store and partying with the Affliction team of course!

Our line up consisted of our model contest winner Veronica Gomez, Playboy Playmate ChelsieAryn and Mixed Martial Arts ring girl Kat Kelley.  We also had some awesome motorcycles from professional bike builder and Sons of Anarchy star Rusty Coones, an awesome rat rod from John Moss, plus an array of resto-rods and custom rides that are sure to make any gear head salivate.

The Affliction team greeted the girls at the airport and took them straight to the Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach where they were set up in rooms with beautiful views of the beach and pier.  Our man Chef Roy at Shorebreak pulled all the stops to make sure that everyone had the most kick ass time possible.  We even got a bottle of wine and a round of beers on the house from their management~ Shorebreak truly knows the way to Affliction’s heart!

After two days of shooting we took the girls to one of our favorite hang outs in Huntington Beach: 2nd Floor!  The 2nd Floor crew was kind enough to hook us up with the best table and the quickest waitress in the joint- they knew we were there to drink like prohibition just ended!

We topped off the trip with a stop at the Affliction store for our contest winners.  Free Affliction gear and beers while you shop- who could ask for more?

Look for Veronica, ChelsieAryn and Kat in the 2014 Affliction calendar that is heading for print this week.  While most calendars run January to January, we were a little hung over so we are making ours a month late…..Hey, what can we say?  We like to party~