Suicidal Tendencies Rock Out in SoCal

Suicidal Tendencies Rock Out in SoCal

This passed Friday in Orange County, California was a punkers paradise for those who were within hearing distance of The Observatory.  That’s right, punk legends Suicidal Tendencies came to rock the house with their own ‘take no prisoners’, drop kick to the face punk rock.  Cold beers, circle pits and raging lunatics doing stage dives into a sea of rockers- Is there a better way to end the work week?

The show was stacked with awesome bands including Trash Talk, Sprung Monkey & The Inspector Cluzo.  The house was completely packed wall-to-wall with people, as the pit came alive shortly after the first band started playing.

Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies is nothing short of a mad man on stage.  From the time these guys hit the stage they did not stop moving.  They were literally running from side to side, switching microphones, giving high-fives to fans and head banging like it was the end of the world.  When Muir wasn’t singing, he was rocking out in a punk rock war dance display of shear mayhem, and the audience followed with the same intensity.

The night was a scene of controlled chaos and mayhem that left us all feeling warm and fuzzy inside….or maybe that was the Pabst pounders….in any case, it was one of the best concerts any of us had seen this year.  Suicidal Tendencies is one of those bands that you could see live a million times and still come back for another show.  We left The Observatory feeling nothing short of alive after one of the most kick ass punk rock shows we’ve seen in a while.  Rest assured, the next time Suicidal is in Orange County, the Affliction team will be there to rock out!

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