Affliction Interviews Miesha Tate Before UFC 168

Affliction Interviews Miesha Tate Before UFC 168

Mixed Martial Arts champ Miesha Tate caught up with us between training sessions while preparing for her fight against Rhonda Rousey in UFC 168 this month in Vegas.  Tate means business in this match up, admitting to Affliction that she’s been training non-stop in preparation for this fight.

One of the most refreshing things about Tate is that she is above the trash talking, psychological warfare that is so evident in Rousey’s game.  Tate went on to explain that the reason she lost in her last match up with Rousey was a result of letting the trash talk get to her head, which she assured us would not happen this time.

It wasn’t all MMA talk with Miesha for this interview.  In fact, she let us in on her favorite junk food, her pre-fight routine and how she handles guys that hit on her at the bar in this up close interview with team Affliction~

What’s on your training playlist?

“You know what’s kind of crazy- when I’m training I listen to motivational speeches mostly.  If I am listening to music it’s something peppy like Eye of the Tiger, or Michael Jackson.”

Favorite junk food and favorite training food?

“Well cupcakes are my favorite junk food, and my favorite training food is Chia Seed Pudding.”

Favorite martial arts movie?

“Vision Quest.”

Do you have any pre-fight routines?

“I don’t necessarily have a routine, but I do always pray before I go out.”

Miesha is more focused than ever on training for UFC 168 and her shot at taking back the title belt.  When asked what she wants for Christmas, her response without skipping a beat was “Man, all I really want right now is the UFC title belt.”.

Favorite Affliction/Sinful clothing item?

“I love my walk out shirt, and this sweater that I just got- I absolutely love wearing it.”

If today was your last day on Earth- what would you do?

“I would definitely have to get a cupcake.”

Harley or crotch rocket- Which do you prefer?

“Harley Street Glide.”

Favorite hot rod/ exotic car?

“I like the old American Muscle cars.  My family had a 69’ Camaro growing up, so I’ve always loved the classics like Mustangs and Firebirds.”

Do guys hit on you a lot when you’re out, or are they intimidated after seeing your fights?

“Well, if they know who I am through MMA it’s automatically like I’m one of the guys- they want pictures and usually ask me about my fights.  Guys that don’t know who I am will hit on me, but you know, [laughs] little to they know if they don’t mind their P’s & Q’s they might end up in an arm bar. [laughs]”

Do you have any embarassing childhood nick names?

“Poop-sock and Miesha-Piesha Butt.”

Did you have a celebrity crush growing up?

“I had a big crush on Brad Pitt.”

Do you have any tattoos?

“I actually don’t.  I’m afraid of needles.  The worst part about fighting for me is getting my blood work done. [laughs]”

It’s a little ironic to hear that a person who has had their arm popped out of joint due to refusing to tap out is afraid of needles and getting blood work done.  While needles may be this Superwoman’s Kryptonite, arm bars and submissions will be no match for Tate in UFC 168, as she admits that her camp has been very ‘anti-Judo’ focused.

Watch Tate fight live against Rousey for the title belt in UFC 168 on December 28, 2013 live from Las Vegas.  Be sure to wish her luck on Twitter @MieshaTate before the fight!

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