Meet the Model: Affliction’s Ashley

Meet the Model:  Affliction’s Ashley

Want to get to know this hottie?  We caught up with Affliction model Ashley while on set for our holiday photo shoot last week to find out more about this bad ass beauty, her taste in men and much more in this week’s edition of ‘Meet the Model’.

Where are you from?

Ashley: “Atlanta, GA- Born and raised.”

When did you move to West Palm Beach, and what brought you there?

Ashley:  “I moved there five years ago for a change, and to do something different with my life.”

So besides modeling for Affliction, what are you getting into out here in California?

Ashley:  “Besides modeling I’m going to interior design school in Newport Beach.  Once I graduate I’d like to open a furniture redesign business.”

What’s your favorite color?

Ashley:  “Grey.”


Ashley: [Laughs] “It is!  I like grey and I like deep purple~”

What’s your bra size?

Ashley:  “34 D.”

Favorite underwear cut?

Ashley:  “I love those Victoria Secret ones that are like boy shorts- I think they’re called ‘Cheeksters’.”

Crotch Rocket or Harley?  And would you be driving, or on the back?

Ashley:  “Crotch rocket, and I’d be on the back!”

If you were any car, what make and model would you be?

Ashley:  “A Chevy Avalanche on 26-inch rims.”

Christmas is coming- Have you been naughty or nice?

Ashley:  “Nice!”

What’s the nicest thing you’ve done all year?

Ashley:  “I’m nice every day!” [Laughs]

So what’s something naughty you’ve done?

Ashley:  “Nuffin.” [Little kid voice] [Smiles & laughs]

Do you have a celebrity crush?

Ashley:  “Chipper Jones.”

How about a celebrity female crush?

Ashley:  “Megan Fox.”

What’s your favorite piece of Affliction clothing to see on your man?

Ashley:  “I really like the black wash Ace denim with a graphic tee.  I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl~”

Are you into any sports or hobbies?

Ashley:  “I took Muy Thai and Jujutsu for a while, then a little American Kick Boxing.”

What do you look for in a guy?

Ashley:  “He needs to have a good ‘calf to ankle’ ratio.  Personally, I like guys with skinny legs.”

You like skinny legs?  That’s kind of weird, isn’t it usually the opposite?

Ashley:  “No way- I like skinny legs on guys.  Not like crazy twig skinny, but skinny with good calf muscles.”

How many tattoos do you have?

Ashley:  “I have one on my right hip, right thigh, my wrist, middle finger, under my left boob, my right foot, the back of my neck, my right side and behind my ear.”

What’s playing on your Ipod?

Ashley:  “Old school Bon Jovi- I like classic rock.”

Do you have a favorite hang out here in California?

Ashley:  “Here at Affliction, of course!  And also dog beach~”

Lace or leather?

Ashley:  “If they made really cute leather chaps, I’d love that- but I prefer lace~”

Visit our Facebook page to see more of Ashley and the Affliction models.  Stay tuned next week for our interview with Rusty from Sons of Anarchy where we talk about bikes, life on the set of the show and more~

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