Livin’ Fast with Matt Smith Racing

Livin’ Fast with Matt Smith Racing

It’s 11am on a Thursday afternoon- while most may be in the office, the Affliction team is at the Pomona Raceway hangin’ with our man Matt Smith and the Viper Race Team as they prepare to jump on 2 wheels and fly down a quarter mile track at 200 MPH; Just another day at the office, right?

Pro stock motorcycle drag racing is truly something you need to experience in person to appreciate.  As we approached the Viper Racing trailer, the team was busy cleaning the bikes and prepping them for the next heat.  Matt and Angie Smith were both working away right next to their pit crew, making the necessary adjustments as the next race approached.  Don’t be fooled by Angie’s good looks- she is definitely not a ‘girlie girl’ when it comes to racing.  Angie was the first one to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty with the crew, changing the oil, checking the fuel delivery systems and even dropping the motor out of one of the bikes.

We caught up with Viper Team member Scotty Pollacheck before his race to ask him what goes through his mind before a race.  He just smiled like a kid on Christmas and said, “I’m thinking about getting the jump on the light, shifting quick and going fast.”  This is amazing, considering the fact that he is about to fly down the track at 200 MPH with no roll cage, no seat belt and only a few millimeters of leather to protect his skin from the concrete track.  These guys take insanity to a whole new level. 

This was a great season for the Affliction pro stock motorcycles, with Matt Smith taking the win for World Champion in the NHRA finals.  We were stoked to be a part of the event, and even more excited about the post race beers that followed.

We are truly thrilled to support Matt Smith and his team as they take a little ‘R & R’ in preparation for next season.  One thing is for sure- Matt and the Viper Race Team will be back next year in full force, ready to dominate the division in pursuit of another world title~

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