Making the Sons of Anarchy Guitar

Motorcycles, outlaws, brawls and babes; who doesn’t love watching the Sons of Anarchy?  We are all fans of the show here at Affliction, so naturally, we jumped at the chance to collaborate with the cast on a charity event benefiting a great cause.

Boot Campaign is a charity that was started by five Texas women known as the “Boot Girls”.  The organization was started with the goal of bridging the gap between American
society and returning soldiers. Proceeds from the charity benefit wounded military veterans and their families by assisting with medical care, providing mortgage free homes and much more.

When we heard about the chance to help out with such a great cause, we jumped on the phone with our friend “Kiwi” Terry and asked him to make the most bad ass guitar possible for the Sons of Anarchy Charity Golf Outing!  After a few days of non stop painting, Terry produced an amazing piece of art that sold for $8,000 to benefit the Boot Campaign.

So what does an $8,000 guitar look like?

This beauty was hand painted by airbrush artist ‘Kiwi’ Terry.  Terry’s been slingin’ paint for the last 35 years, and has over three days of man hours invested in this custom paint job.  The guitar is an LTD by ESP guitars, featuring dual humbuckers and a bolt on rosewood neck.  This guitar is the real deal for anyone who loves throwin’ down raunchy metal solos on a 24 fret, high action neck.

In talking with Terry, he let us in on a few steps of the process involved with creating this work of art.

Once the guitar is completely disassembled and prepped for painting, all whites and light tones are added in using a hand cut, free hand stencil.

Working light to dark, Terry adds in the details of the composition and finished it with a few layers of clear coat.

Then the final result comes together after three days of detailed airbrushing~


For more images of the Affliction Sons of Anarchy guitar, visit our Facebook page and Instagram @AfflictionClothing.


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