What’s YOUR Affliction (Letter From Jenell)

This is a letter from Jenell, a loyal Military Wife. She is eagerly waiting for her husband (Justin – 168th Medevac Aviation Unit with the US Army) to return from Afganistan who as been deployed since July 15, 2012. This is HER Affliction, What is YOURS?

“My affliction is waiting for my husband to come home from Afghanistan. Justin is a part of the 168th Medevac Aviation Unit with the US Army. He has been gone since July 15 of 2012, training for this deployment to the sand box. His return date is April 7, 2014, so you can imagine its going to be another tough year for our family.  We have a beautiful son together and each and every day it is my duty to remind our son where daddy is and that he loves him very much and he will be home soon. Being a military wife is a hard job to have and I take pride in knowing that when god made me, he made me strong for him. I have to be a solider myself for our family. People often think that soldiers aren’t being deployed over seas any more, or there isn’t much action going on anymore.. let me tell you that is all WRONG! It is very real, it is still happening right here and they are still taking husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters away from each other and sending them in a hostile environment so you and I can sleep safe at night. Next time you lie your head down on a soft pillow at night, remember that there is someone sleeping in the sand box to defend the country we live in. Support our soldiers and remember their families are soldiers too, so when you see an army wife, give her a hug, she just might need it.



Thank you for your service Justin & Jenell! <3

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