Stop Being So “Krabi” (Dave’s Photo Journal #5)

After about 4 days in Tonsai/Railay we moved on to Krabi town which a local town, on the mainland, not many attractions but a decent place to stay and then take out day trips here and there to local island. I used it more of a hub to figure out where i wanted to go and how to get about.. Plus its cheap. PAK UP Hostel is about $9 bucks a night and is clean, free wifi, new construction, lockers and a very fun easy to meet other backpacker vibe to it! I highly recommend it.  (a night of sitting on the patio with your dorm bunk mates drinking cheap thai rum and beer cant be beat! )

Day Trek. My favorite and only really nearby day trek aside from walking the food market is going to TIGER TEMPLE which is only about 8 kilometers away from the hostel.  The challenge, 1237 steps to the top of the temple/lookout point. oh boy what a climb. this will get your heart pumping and your lunges huffing and puffing. But wait till you get to the top and see the view!!!!

Tiger Temple, Krabi Thailand

These aint the normal steps you might be used to.. huge huge steps on the way up.

1237 steps to go!!!

The result and top after the 1237 step climb to the to of the mountain!  Krabi Thailand.

Tiger Temple, Krabi, Thailand.

woman carries around her sales for the day.. fresh eggs anyone!

Fresh squeezed Carrot Apple Ginger juice for $1.. Krabi, Thailand.