Tonsai and Railay Beach (Dave’s Photo Journal #4)

About 2 hours away from Koh Phi Phi is a rad little island called Railay Island which is small island like phi phi but even smaller, no cars, in fact the preferred area to stay on this island (amongst backpackers) is on the Tonsai Bay side of the island, no pier, very small, more hippy and lots, did i mention lots of rock climbers.

Tonsai is a complete different vibe compared to the prior islands i was at. This as i mention is much more bohemian and laid back, (lots of reggae bars, hippies and earthy peeps). Less beach and more jungle of this side so with that come cheaper bungalows in the jungle with electricity only available from 6pm-6am!!!!! go to sleep charging your phones with a fan (no aircon for me) and wake up with no power, no fan no nothing.. but who cares. you are in a beautiful jungle with just a short 7 min walk down to the beach and reggae bars.

Day trek. there is a free viewpoint and secret lagoon trek you can do on the Railay side that was incredible. amazing views of both bays and then a pretty sketchy downward climb/hike into a secret lagoon at the bottom. Well worth it and what an adventure.

GO ROCK CLIMBING!! If you have ever wanted to or enjoy rocking climbing this is a great place to try it out and you cant beat the views!  Met up with the same crew I had in Phi Phi and we all shared in a fantastic few days of rock climbing and chilling out with tons of CHANG and lots of laughs, BBQ fish and some hit or miss restaurants, fresh baked banana nut bread and watched some incredible people rock climb some gnarly routes.

Tonsai Bay, Railay. THE DANES! No cars, No streets, No Electricty from 6am-6pm.

The long walk home after a day of Rock Climbing, Tonsai Bay is only accessed by small boat drop off or by walking from Railay Beach during low tide.

The climb to the top! Railay Beach.

At the top after my final, gnarly, hard and fun climb!  Railay Beach, Thailand.

Tonsai Bay during Sunset.

Taking the lead on the “Fire Jump”! “Lead When Others Follow”

Hike and climb into secret lagoon.

Made it to the top. Day trek.

Lay down rum parties.  Tonsai Bay, Thailand

Jungle bungalows.  No power from 6am-6pm