Meet The Man Behind The Beard (Dave’s Photo Journal #1)

We sent Dave, his beard and his appetite for adventure across the Great Pacific to South East Asia! He will be out there for more than 2 months updating us with his travels and showing you how he LIVES FAST.

This is his first entry to his photo blog… Enjoy

“Hello World,

Live Fast. I like to think I do that as much as possible.. in fact I’ve turned my life upside down and around a bit to do it… and its epic, its great and I am happy as can be.

Im Dave Driskell. Im 34 years old, Ive been modeling for Affliction Clothing (guess you could say I’m the main face/beard of the company catalogs) for over 3 years now. Kind of jumped into it and we have been “friends/clients/colleagues,” ever since.

As of the past few years I have had the travel bug and can’t really sit still longer than 4 months at a time. I model, bartend, teach crossfit and live a very simple life. but i want to see more; i want to explore. I have a wanderlust!

Affliction knows my lust for LIFE, my need to BE EPIC and LIVE FAST. so when i told them I felt the bug to jump ship again they pushed me on my way.

So here I am, setting off to journey around South East Asia and who knows where next!

First stop, Phuket, Thailand, Give me a Beach, Give me Beer, Give me Fun. Lets Explore Life.


Outbound from LAX.. this shirt sums up my life.. Get out there and explore life. LIVE IT UP.

5 hour layover in Singapore Airport proves to be one of the coolest top rated airports in the world.. lots to do. food, shopts, free movie theater and of course a rating system for toilets.

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