Phucket, Lets Party! (Dave’s Photo Journal #2)

Upon arriving in Phucket, the first point of contact in Thailand you are struck by the hustle and bustle of the city, the busses, the motorbikes and all the tourists, made my way straight to Patong Beach which is close to the infamous Bangla Road where you can see anything you want, namely the most popularly peddled “ping pong show” which i declined on this trip.. seen it before and lets just say I can pass for awhile now. Bangla Road is busy, wild, full of bars, clubs and street peddlers, fun to see but dont spend more than a night or two.. restaurants are good but very resort-y so with that you get resort-y prices.
Stayed at PATONG BACKPACKER which is nice clean hostel about a 2 min walk to beach and Bangla road. Has a nice reception and hang out area where you can drink and beer, meet other backpackers and watch a movie (usually horribly ripped from internet or shaking camera), use the internet or just chill. this is a dorm style hostel with common area showers and sinks.. one night stay is around 500 baht which is on the pricey side coming in at 15 bucks USD.

About an hour after landing I personally got a very iffy stomach (think some airport food got the best of me while stop over in Singapore) so my first 2 days I really enjoyed that Hostel, the aircon, the toilet, the bed, the toilet, the bed, and again the toilet.. stomach/food bug happens to almost everyone so grin and bear it. i guess I just got it over with the first few days of my adventure.

Convience… you will notice as you hit Thailand there are more 7-11 ‘s than you have ever seen in the states.. this is a good thing as they provide awesome aircon, actual cold water, CHANG (thai beer), gatorade and these amazing snacks dubbed “toasties” (a made to order, out of the package little ham and cheese croissant panini type snack). OH THANK HEAVEN FOR 7-11.

Patong at first glance is amazing, long nice looking beach but really pales in comparison once you see the other epic beaches and islands Thailand has to offer.. Patong is over crowded and full of um how can i say this politely: Rotund, tanned, old ladies and gents from the Kremlin,  Nothing wrong with that as everyone needs a vacation but lets move on to somewhere younger, better looking, less crowded, more hot people, beer, booze buckets and fire shows.

next stop KOH PHI PHI