“Trust Me It’s Paradise” – The Beach (Dave’s Photo Journal #3)

Resting after some snorkeling in the infamous MAYA BAY (the bay where the filmed the move THE BEACH, staring Leonardo DiCaprio) Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.

Arrived in Koh Phi Phi and boy is this island much more my pace.. small, no cars, no motorbikes, no shoes if you want.. This small island is full of young fun people, lots of backpackers but also a few resorts on the island. Prices go up a little compared to big cities but still a bargain for what you get. Stayed in a hostel named “The ROCK” which as you can guess it is perched up on the side of the hill.. the toilets and showers are shared in a common outside area and the best part is when brushing your teeth in the morning you can see the bay with its clear blue water bouncing right off the mirror..(not a bad place to brush your teeth)..

Met some new amazing friends and ended up traveling with them for a few weeks into this trip. Marcus from Norway, Cihan from Switzerland, Ana from Spain and Martin and Michelle from Denmark. A hodgepodge crew we all met randomly but hit it all off and generally spent the whole time on the island together, dinners, beaches and day trips.

Koh Phi Phi offers a ton of night beach parties with fire spinners, fire jump rope and a fire hoop which i took the plunge and dove thru one of the nights we all tied on a few ‘buckets”.. Also there are some great view points you can hike too that over look the main bay as well as the other crescent bay.

Took a day trip with our crew out to Maya Bay, where the infamous move “The Beach” staring Leonardo DiCaprio was filmed. Amazing Snorkeling, Monkey Beach, the finest sand ive ever felt and a good day of exploring and a sunset while sitting in the long-tail boat that took us around all day.

Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand day trip, Snorkeling and exploring the island. Amazing sand, water and mountains