In an interview with the Toronto Sun, St. Pierre spoke to the criticism he’s received for his tendency in recent fights to win fights on points and not by submission. Said GSP:

“I want to finish because of the criticism. I’ve listened to the critics and I want to become more opportunistic.

“I can make up a bunch of excuses but the truth is I’m fighting the best guys all the time and it’s tough competition. You cannot always win by beautiful fashion. The guy that is in front of me is a very good guy. He’s the No. 1 contender all the time and now I’m fighting the (interim) world champ in Carlos Condit. I’m working a lot more on being more opportunistic and it’s going to pay off I’m sure.

“When I see an opportunity, I don’t need to overthink it and I need to go for it.

“I think that my opponents have become better in time. Sometimes, when you break a guy mentally, he doesn’t fight to win anymore, he fights to not lose and to survive. That minimizes the opportunity for him to be finished. And that’s what’s happening in a lot of my fights and it’s hard to finish a guy who doesn’t fight to win.”

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