Bloody Elbow’s David Castillo interviews GSP. Here’s a bit from the piece:

“I don’t have a personal history with GSP other than enjoying his rise to the top in the UFC WelterweightDivision. But he assumes me to be a member of the media, when in reality, I’m only pretending to be. I’m armed with Canon’s PowerShot SD800 IS, which is something like Union militia standing across a set of Panzer tanks. I’m ready for Ball’s Bluff. Not the Battle of Stalingrad.

“I shake GSP’s hand, and one by one, he shakes the hand of every photographer, and media member there to watch him pose for the shoot. It’s a strange experience for me. I’m a fan of mixed martial arts. My responsibilities to MMA have always boiled down to how many beers the rest of my friends need for the PPV, and whether the television should be interrupted by re-runs of Ren and Stimpy when Jake Shields is fighting (kidding- I have a ton of respect for Shields). Instead I need to make sure I represent SB Nation with quality content surrounding the UFC Welterweight champion.”

For the full read, click here.

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