Even though UFC 154 is being billed as one of the most anticipated fights of the year, the fight that’s garnering even more attention is the potential superfight between Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre. Seemingly getting overlooked and underestimated is the interim welterweight champion, Carlos Condit, who like to think he’ll have a say in who’ll be featured in a prospective matchup with Silva.

Condit’s trainer, Malki Kawa, had this to say about the issue: “I don’t think Carlos has been a favorite in any one of his past three fights. I think in every one of his fights, either the fighter he’s fighting or the media or whoever said something about another fight or they’re going to set this fight up, and look at how it’s worked out for him.

He doesn’t care about none of this stuff, he just sits there and says, ‘Hey, I spoiled their plans once with Nick (Diaz). I’ll spoil it again with Georges.'”

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