From the York Dispatch’s site: “Lzzy Hale is giggling with embarrassment.

She’s thinking about the first song she and her brother, Arejay, both of Red Lion, performed around 1997 at the Schuylkill County Fair.

‘We played the talent show. We played one song, ‘Love Is Power.’ It’s such a juvenile song,’ Hale said with a laugh. ‘It was going to be a hit, I’m sure.’

That’s not the bad part.

Lzzy, 13 at the time, and her brother, then 11, placed third. The winner was a tap-dancing cowgirl.

‘Hey, it was the first time playing outside of the living room,’ Hale said. ‘Maybe we should have tap danced.’

And that, in hindsight, was how a rock band formed.”

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