From Firas Zahabi, head trainer at Tristar gym, where (for those of you who aren’t hip to it) GSP plies his trade: “Structurally, I think his knee is 100%. Of course the timing on his sparring is not 100% and the confidence in the knee is not 100% and the coordination, moving around on that knee is not 100%. For the last eight months, he’s been over-compensating on one side, moving a particular way, and now we’re trying to get him to move again like he used to.

“It’s going to take some time, but I tell you, Georges is a great athlete. He’s been making leaps and bounds in the gym. He’s progressing and every sparring session he’s doing better and better. I really think in August, he’ll be ready to start a training camp again. I don’t want to count my eggs before they hatch, but he’s really looking good.”

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