From Glide Magazine: “Do you ever wonder if professional musicians are really happy? They claim to love their time on the stage but most of the other hours tend to be a series of bus rides, generic dressing rooms, interviews with journalists and lots of sitting around doing nothing. After a while this can become insanely monotonous. But if you listen to Megadeth’s bass player Dave Ellefson talk, you get the impression that life on the road and in the studio is nothing short of total bliss.

After growing up in Minnesota, Ellefson moved out to California and joined forces with Dave Mustaine to form Megadeth in 1983. After recording such classic metal albums as Rust In Peace, Killing Is My Business …, Peace Sells and Youthanasia, the band just finished up their Gigantour with Motorhead, Lacuna Coil and Volbeat, not to mention a May co-headlining tour with Rob Zombie. About to head over to Europe for the month of June, Ellefson called in last month to talk with Glide about Megadeth’s latest recording TH1RT3EN, his youth on a farm in Minnesota, and how he lives and breathes being a musician.”

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