GSP is now making money with his closet in addition to with his fists. Apparently GSP’s style and etiquette are the primary reasons the fighter earns four to five million per bout.

Said Georges on MMA Fighting: “”This is something that I’ve been doing since the beginning of my career. I wore a suit at press conferences when all the other fighters were making fun of me. (They said), ‘Oh, look at St. Pierre, he doesn’t wear his sponsor. I’m the one who first started doing this stuff, and I think the image and how you conduct yourself … because the sponsor, the big companies in corporate America, they’re not interested in sponsoring an athlete who is good in his sport but acts like an idiot outside of the Octagon. They want someone who performs well, of course, but acts like a gentleman outside of the Octagon. I understood that more than 10 years ago. That’s why I behave the way I do and I do things that I do. That’s why I have a lot of sponsors. I do have a lot of sponsors and a lot of money because of this. It brings money to the table. I’m in this business because I want to make it for a living, for money. People don’t understand that. They used to make fun of me. Now 10 years after, now they start picking up on it. It’s sad to see that it takes a long time for them to understand.”

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